RAYA CX Receives Recognition for Excellence from IAOP

RAYA Customer Experience has received Recognition for Excellence in Strategic Partnerships from IAOP.

This official recognition represents the quality of support and guidance that RAYA CX provides to its customers. The IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) awarded the recognition in response to RAYA CX’s innovative assistance to an international retail chain. The organization believed that the quality of its customer service was letting the brand’s reputation down. So, RAYA CX worked with the company to improve its customer care provisions across the board. Read the case study here.

RAYA CX conducted a Six Sigma Project, undertaking a thorough call driver analysis in order to identify the call type with the longest handle time.

Then, a new K-Base was designed for the client, which enabled them to respond to customers faster. Alongside this, a new quality monitoring scorecard was developed and introduced into the workflow practices of the organization. These enabled managers to more closely monitor the various achievements and difficulties that their teams were experiencing.

The efficiency of the supermarket chain’s customer care was markedly boosted by these efforts. After the new K-Base was implemented and the new training put in place, the company’s AHT (Average Handling Time) dropped sharply, from 180 to 150 seconds.

Not only did this decline in AHT provide the customers with a far more satisfactory quality of care, but it also meant that the amount of effort spent on customer care decreased by 25%.

Alongside improvements in the efficiency of customer care, the targeted employee training and quality monitoring scorecard system led to a decrease in the number of repeated calls from customers by a staggering 40%. This marked improvement in customer care efficiency equated to an incredible monthly saving of $30,000 for the business.

The employees themselves also felt the benefits of this new and improved system – the level of customer care improved, employees felt more confident in their roles and saw that the customers themselves were happier, too, which meant that the company saw employee satisfaction rise by 15%.

“True collaboration is an essential component of any successful partnership,” said Debi Hamill, IAOP CEO. “We see this every year in our Global Outsourcing 100 applicants that are contributing their success to strategic partnerships. For that, IAOP is thrilled to congratulate RAYA CX as a recipient of the 2021 Excellence in Strategic Partnerships Recognition.”

The 2021 Global Outsourcing 100 recognizes the world’s best outsourcing service providers and advisors. This list is based on applications received; judging is based on a rigorous scoring methodology that includes an independent review by an independent panel of IAOP customer members with extensive experience in selecting outsourcing service providers and advisors for their organizations.

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