How You Can Use Content Moderation To Protect Your Business

In today’s world, marketing and audience acquisition are ever-changing spheres. This dynamic phenomenon is largely down to the world of social media. These platforms are used by millions all over the world. Now, people can share their thoughts and opinions (however controversial they may be) on an unprecedented scale.

Although this gives the opportunity for humanity to share valuable content, which is heartwarming, informative, and insightful, there is certainly a darker side to this opportunity for vocalization. Social media is also a hub of inappropriate content, conspiracies, fake or deliberately misleading content, and malicious ideas. This is the nature of social media – it contains the good, the bad, and the ugly.


User-generated content is a highly valuable asset for any marketing strategy. With it, companies can boost their brand presence and recognition, while also improving customer loyalty and the trust consumers have in the brand.

This is because user-generated content contains the opinions of real people. It is unfiltered by the company, which makes it a far more honest, trustworthy review. As a result, customers are increasingly turning to user-generated content to make their purchasing decisions.

There’s nothing that we can do to stop people from voicing their unwelcome opinions online. Unfortunately, that will always occur. But, this makes it all the more vital that companies engage in content moderation.

Content moderation is an imperative practice for any company with a digital presence. It requires companies to screen all user-generated content that has been added to their platforms. Then, approve any content that is acceptable, or quickly remove it if it is harmful, offensive, inappropriate, or dangerous.

Companies need to create clear, set guidelines for this process of content moderation so that moderators know exactly what should and should not be included on the company platforms.

The process can then be undertaken either by a member of your team, a content moderation specialist, or even an AI online application to scan through your content.


As you can see, there’s a lot of value in user-generated content. Any company will certainly want to encourage users to leave content on their platforms. However, they need to be aware of the risks they run in doing so.

If you’re still not sure of the value of this process, here are our top 3 reasons why content moderation is an essential process for any business.


We can’t stop negative reviews from being written – you can’t expect your reviews to be 100% positive all of the time. We can only act on their feedback and improve next time. But, if the user-generated content is wholly inappropriate, then you will need to quickly take it down from your platform.

Your company is accountable for the content that is displayed on your platforms, so it is your responsibility to make sure that any user-generated content that violates your content moderation guidelines is removed as quickly as possible. That way, you can do your bit to protect your customers from being exposed to cruel, offensive, and distressing content.

By doing so, you can build an online platform that provides a positive, safe and enjoyable experience for your customers.


We’ve spoken a lot about how content moderation helps users to manage malignant content, but it also applies to positive content, too. A process of content moderation can help you to monitor the behavior of your users, and see how effective your marketing strategy is.

For example, you can find out how well they responded to your recent promotional campaign, by moderating the user-generated content that was sparked by your content. Did it result in an attraction of your target audience? Did people change their spending habits as a result?

This type of content moderation is a highly effective way of helping businesses to shape their content, so that it better engages their audience and, ultimately, drives sales.


By getting a clearer, hands-on sense of how your audience is engaging with your content (and then shaping it accordingly) you can create an online presence that brings about impressive results. With a more successful marketing strategy, which is tailored to tap into what engages your target audience – you can increase your website traffic, conversion rates, and sales figures. Furthermore, once you have identified a piece of positive user-generated content, you can share it with the rest of your audience.

For example, if someone has left a positive review, be sure to share it. That way, your target market can see honest feedback left by a real customer, and find out how brilliant your brand is. This will make them far more likely to make a purchase with you.

This quickly creates a positive cycle for your business online presence – more good reviews mean more customer engagement, more engagement means more sales, more sales means a higher ranking on search engine results pages, which then leads to higher traffic, and so even more sales.


Remember that content moderation is not a luxury. For any business, customer impressions are fickle things. The existence of one offensive social post that has slipped under your radar, which an internet troll has affiliated with your brand, has the potential to ruin all of your hard work.

So, never underestimate the value of a content moderation strategy.

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