RAYA CX Celebrates “Empower Your Future” Graduate Students

On June 27th, 2021, Ahmed Refky, RAYA CX’s CEO, celebrated the graduation of the “Empower Your Future” program students through a virtual event.

In 2020, RAYA Customer Experience (RAYA CX) had announced its collaboration with the “Alashank Ya Balady” Association to launch the aforementioned program to enhance the employment skills of university students. It aims at representing RAYA CX’s commitment to its core beliefs of giving back to the community by helping Egypt achieve its sustainable development goals and involving students in the process. The initiative aspires to empower these students and enhance their skill sets, thereby equipping them with the capabilities required to meet the needs of the current labor market.

The program started in December 2020 and lasted three months-till March 2021. It aimed at enriching the students’ knowledge in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), financial modeling, English language, business skills, customer service, and HR, enabling them to join national and multinational corporations and be effective members of any company they decide on working at. At the end of the program, RAYA CX offered the top-performing graduate students internship opportunities at the company for a month during the summer.

The program’s sessions were conducted with third and fourth-year undergraduate students and fresh graduates as well. To measure the impact, it had on them, online surveys were sent to all participating students. Also, RAYA CX carried face-to-face interviews with the top-performing students to get their feedback on their experience from other similar workshops that worked on enhancing their technical and soft skills. The positive feedback RAYA CX gained from the initiative’s first phase encouraged continuing to the second phase to include more universities in the program.

RAYA CX leaders and mentors give back to the community and place youth at the center by providing insightful heart-to-heart sessions. Accordingly, part of the “Empower Your Future” initiative’s modules were crafted and presented by RAYA CX’s managerial board members. They shared their success stories with the younger generation. The aim was to not only motivate but to inspire and communicate that failure is an integral part of any successful journey, making the initiative exceptional with a realistic insight into work life.

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