Refky on the transformation of the BPM Industry and the Key to RAYA CX’s Success

BPO Industry Transformation: Refky's Insight & RAYA CX Success

In an interview on the show Shoghl 3ali on the Egyptian channel CBC with host Dina Abdelkarim, our CEO, Ahmed Refky shed light on the transformation of the call center industry to the customer experience model and the secret to RAYA CX’s success in the BPO industry of over 20 years.

He shared this eye-opening shift in CS employment and said, “around 20 years ago applicants were told to take the first step of their career by becoming an agent for a year or so, however now that is not the case. We help youth build a future and meaningful career path here at RAYA CX.”

Additionally, having people at the heart of what we do helps us stand out and reach our goals through the constant development of our employees’ skills as well as innovation throughout the years.

Another crucial point he made was the importance of data analytics and prediction in customer experience management and how it is shaping the future of CX. He also shared how RAYA CX utilizes predication to provide superior CX.

Refky also highlighted the challenges faced due to COVID-19 that were overcome by putting the safety of our people first as well as utilizing technology and the WFH model.

He ended the talk with details on our expansion plans into new markets that are in motion and the role ITIDA plays in developing, supporting, and marketing the ICT and outsourcing sector in Egypt. Also, RAYA CX’s role in developing the community through youth skill development programs and impact sourcing.

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