RCC Wins the Title of “Ambassador of Hope” on Zayed Humanitarian Day for Supporting Children with Autism in Developing Countries

Celebrating Raya’s development role and activities within its framework of social responsibility, and affirming Raya’s humanitarian efforts, Tariq Center for Rehabilitation and Autism in the United Arab Emirates has announced that Raya Contact Center – Dubai, a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments, was chosen this year to win the title of “Ambassador of Hope” in Zayed Humanitarian Day, that is celebrated annually on 19th of Ramadan.

It comes as a part of the fifth course of Zayed giving campaign for E-Assessment for Autism, organized by Tariq Center for Rehabilitation and Autism. The campaign aims at overcoming the plight of differently-abled and Autistic children, promoting their integration as part and parcel of society, developing their talents and capacities, and building their self-confidence. The campaign also includes social awareness about autism and supports the families of differently-abled persons.

The trophy shield of Raya was received by Maggi Dewedar, RCC’s Support Functions Director and Hossam Fouad, General Manager of RCC Gulf. As an “Ambassador of Hope”, Raya covers the treatment costs of three children in developing countries and supports their education journey.

Ahmed Refky, Chief Executive Officer of Raya Contact Center, has expressed his pleasure with the recognition gained by RCC in the UAE, as a key provider of contact center services in the UAE and Gulf countries. He stressed Raya spares no efforts to support children with autism, not only in Egypt, but in several developing countries as well. “The primary objective of our participation is to ensure that people with autism have the highest standard of physical and mental health, especially in developing countries, where autistic persons suffer from the scarcity of public health centers for autism and the high cost of treatment in the private health sector, given the reduced support and interest of governments,” he said.

“That is where the participation of the business sector comes into play, in cooperation with supporting countries and institutions. Like the overall population, people with autism face the same health problems, besides their need for special health care to deal with autism spectrum disorder and other impairments brought on by their conditions. Also, the importance of awareness, community participation, and government involvement is reflected in protecting this vulnerable group from the risk of violations and assaults,” he added.

UAE has decided to name the 19 of Ramadan of each year as “Zayed Humanitarian Day”, marking the anniversary of the death of the founder of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in commemoration of his highness and to honor of his role in establishing humanitarian giving efforts in the UAE.

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