Raya Contact Center Follows The Guidelines Approved By Who And The Egyptian Government Across Sites

We would like to start out by saying ‘Thank You’ for everything our employees are currently doing to help us meet the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is obviously a difficult time for our nation and around the world. Many of us are worried about our own well-being and that of our loved ones. Particularly at such a challenging time, we are truly grateful for both the work that you do and for the generous and collaborative spirit that makes us the team that we are. We appreciate all our employee’s patience, efforts, and commitment. Our teams are making sure that everyone is greatly appreciated by sending letters of appreciation and support to overcome the challenges that some may be facing during the pandemic.

RAYA Contact Center is taking all the pre-emptive measures and following the guidelines approved by the World Health Organization and the Egyptian government across sites. All measures are to be met on a basis until further notice. Sterilization of every part of the telecommunications service centers. Those who are not required to attend the office on a daily basis are encouraged to stay and work from home. If you are feeling sick, stay home and contact your doctor.  Having distances between the employees’ living quarters is restructured with a minimum of one square meter and mixing has been limited. Clean, sterilize, and sanitize the communication center headsets and or other materials used on a continuous basis before and after each shift. Continuing to appropriately wash your hands more frequently.  It is encouraged for all staff members entering to wear appropriate masks to stop the spread. Measure the temperature of each staff member upon entry. Any suspicions to an employee with one or all the symptoms are to be examined immediately by the company’s doctor.

On the other hand, RAYA Contact Center’s limited its operations in the headquarters by providing its services remotely.

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