Throughout the journey of exerting every effort in establishing itself as a global CX leader, the company is proud to finally announce its grand transformation from RAYA Contact Center (RCC) to RAYA Customer Experience (RCX).

As the company first started focusing on the main business capabilities that have a direct impact on how successful this transformation could be, it had a deep understanding of the reasons for undergoing this change. First, to enter new markets and set footprints on new geographical locations, and second, to cope with the versatility of BPO services’ changes and expand the company’s digital capabilities accordingly. The versatility of the BPO industry has strengthened its global market growth, as several end-use industries, including banking, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing, employ Customer Experience (CX) solutions in some capacity.

As a result, RAYA CX has seized the opportunity to introduce its own CX digital cabapitlites and tools that support providing the needed CX services on a global scale. A CX-focused strategy puts customers at the center of decision-making — as opposed to focusing on profits above all else. In other words, it is a long-term strategy based on refining all the interactions between the customer and the company to develop unfailing brand loyalty and build trust.

It is fair to say that the RCC to RCX transformation not only stems from exerting leadership in the CX spectrum, but ownership over various new RCX-authentic digital solutions like the all-in-one RCX Connect. Other than being PCI DSS compliant, RCX Connect has API third-party integrations with most CRM products, while maintaining security, increasing collaboration, and delivering timely business insights.

By combining our core services and the industry-leading digital CX tools, we offer future-proof customer-centric services while developing a comprehensive suite of Customer Experience digital platforms. Businesses now can build their cross-channel customer journeys to drive better business outcomes and build trust with their customers. Since Customer Experience (CX) is the emotional connection a customer feels when engaging with a business, RAYA CX’s ultimate goal is to create delightful experiences for its business partners.

A huge business transformation as such has had an ongoing strategy in place throughout the past couple of years, and it was globally recognized by the Gulf Customer Experience Awards (GCXA) ‘21 and the company has won the Gold Award for CX in Times of Crisis and Silver Award in CX Team of the Year.

“It is an honor to be awarded the Gold Award for CX in Times of Crisis, recognizing our hard work during COVID-19. It is a foundational cornerstone for our CX transformation journey. I give wholehearted thanks to my team, and the judges, of course.” Ahmed Refky – CEO

RAYA Customer Experience, or RAYA CX, is now committed to showing CX excellence in all of the services it provides on all aspects, from CX Management Solutions and Digital Solutions to Call Center Seat Leasing and HR Outsourcing.

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