RAYA CX Q1 2022 Earnings: Note from the CEO

RAYA CX Q1 2022 earnings report has been published. Our CEO, Ahmed Refky stated, I’m pleased to see year-on-year growth across all figures, recording a 37.9% increase in revenue YoY, a 43.3% increase in EBITDA YoY, and a +200% increase in net profit YoY.

Our solid results are a testament to the success of our strategy and digital transformation journey! By optimizing our operations, expanding our digital suite of services, our recent acquisition of Gulf CX, and expanding into new markets, RAYA CX is cementing its place as a global CX leader.

Our turnaround strategy has laid a strong foundation for the next chapter in RCX’s story, and I would like to take this opportunity to extend gratitude to my dedicated team and RCX’s loyal clients.

RAYA CX will continue to push forward with its global expansion and growth plans, and we are well-positioned to continue delivering strong performance and creating long-lasting value for our shareholders.

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