RAYA Contact Center’s Innovation in BDC Gets Global Recognition

RAYA Contact Center Wins Best Automotive Customer Service Provider from The Global Automotive Awards for its 2020 Performance.

Despite all the unpleasant economic and business shifts that the whole world had faced throughout 2020, few companies have sustained their automotive business continuity and maintained profitability. Since the automotive industry is a key indicator of the economy’s performance, it is reasonable to credit the companies contributing to a healthy economy of important markets, like the Middle East and Gulf.


As the world grows more aware of these facts year after year, Corporate Vision Magazine aims at celebrating these companies and enterprises for their excellence in automotive customer experience with the Global Automotive Awards!

Throughout 2020, RAYA Contact Center has shown due diligence, hard work, and innovation in the customer service provided in the automotive industry. Consequently, RAYA Contact Center has won the Best Automotive Customer Service Provider award for its outstanding achievements and superior performance in the automotive vertical in 2020.

RAYA Contact Center has been the most favorable customer experience partner and global services provider for 1000+ brands in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East since 2001. As well as providing a high level of innovation with its services and technologies, RAYA Contact Center is dominating the automotive vertical in Egypt by managing numerous accounts locally and globally. To be even more precise, the company diligently manages 15 automotive accounts that serve top-notch car makes across Egypt and the GCC region. The company provides a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions supported by robust strategies, continuous improvement, and innovation.


Since RAYA Contact Center provides next-generation customer experience (CX) services to multiple industries when COVID-19 hit, it had to adapt to unpleasant worldwide changes. Introducing a Work-From-Home model (WFH) was not an easy feat, as, before the COVID-19 outbreak, RAYA Contact Center was operating 100% in-office.

RAYA had to ensure the safety of its employees and business continuity for its clients, and applying a WFH model would cause drastic changes to the existing operations; however, our solid and flexible infrastructure made it easier to build on.


Although Customer Experience CX has been around for quite some time as the front line of multiple industries, it has been vague how it could be utilized to enhance the automotive industry. As world businesses are embracing fully digitized services and solutions, it was inevitable for automotive companies to catch up.

The company’s innovation in the automotive industry has attracted global attention, as it succeeded at combining digitization, customer experience (CX), and customer satisfaction. It has expanded its services to include a Business Development Center (BDC) for the automotive sector to handle sales calls and digital leads. Considering that building strong relationships with customers is essential to closing automotive business deals and growing sales, having a solid strategy for following up on prospective clients is a must.

Moreover, ElShafei, the Chief Operating Officer, added that a whopping 67% of 2020 GCC car buyers cited online research as their main medium of information before approaching a showroom, as reported by YallaMotor. So, the fact that automotive companies are now getting fewer leads than before urges them to thrive at aligning their sales strategies with the digital services they are providing.


A Business Development Center (BDC) aims at maximizing profitability by enhancing marketing and sales efforts by bringing in leads or potential customers into showrooms and scheduling appointments with clients so the salesperson can sit with them to close the deal.

One of the main factors that affect the company’s techniques when it comes to addressing customers’ queries is understaffing. It results in giving more attention to in-office tasks rather than actually communicating with clients and customers. Losing numerous potential clients because they did not get the customer service they deserve from you will eventually result in losing potential buyers. To avoid this, automotive companies resort to establishing a BDC to mainly keep in touch with potential customers and take advantage of the other benefits of this service in the digital world.

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Due to the revenue loss caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, a well-established BDC could bridge the gap of this lost revenue by providing suitable digital services and increasing leads’ conversions. RAYA Contact Center’s solid BDC team in place not only increases the company’s phone-presence but also decreases missed/dropped calls that negatively affect the customer experience.

RAYA Contact Center lifts BDC beyond scheduling and making outbound and inbound calls, as it focuses on customer acquisition as much as customer retention. As it follows up on inquiries, pre-scheduled appointments, and reaches out to existing customers close to the end of their lease or loan, all aid in retaining existing customers.

BDC representatives are highly organized and are always following up and working closely with clients to ensure that the customer is committing to a sales appointment, which makes follow-ups a much-needed task. In short, hiring a team of automotive domain experts to manage sales touchpoints, leads, and clients, so they are turned into conversions to make profits is the future of digitization in the automotive industry.

In conclusion, the transformations of buyers’ behavior within the automotive industry cannot be overlooked by companies any longer, especially as the industry grows more aware of the benefits of digitizing some of the automotive operations. Since digitization is taking over multiple verticals and industries, automotive business leaders definitely see BDC conquering a huge part of the industry for years to come.

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