RAYA Contact Center is among The Top 100 Outsourcing Companies around The World

RAYA Contact Center is among The Top 100 Outsourcing Companies around The World

Consistent with its strategic vision that aims to strengthen brand equity of businesses ambitiously attempting to satisfy customers, RAYA Contact Center (RCC) announced that it has been selected by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), based in the USA, to join the 2021 Global Outsourcing 100 list, as one of the world’s best outsourcing service providers. This acknowledgment is a substantial achievement globally and it further builds on RAYA’s significant contributions to the outsourcing industry worldwide.

Choosing RAYA Contact Center for this recognition in 2021 was based on four judging categories; including customer references and satisfaction with the service rendered. Already, RCC has received great praise from customers for the service provided; Awards and Certifications won by the company, which recognizes the company’s contributions to this promising sector; the technology used by the company, as multi-channel customer experiences, chatbots, and robotic process automation (RPA); and finally, the assessment process considered corporate social responsibility (CSR) in RCC and how it contributes to achieving sustainable development goals, through providing sustainable employment opportunities in addition to training and qualifying university students to meet the requirements of the labor market.

“Choosing the right partners is more important than ever”, said Debbie Hamill, CEO of IAOP. Therefore, the inclusion of RAYA Contact Center to the list of the world’s best outsourcing service providers is a sign of customers’ confidence in the company.

“We are extremely proud that our company has acquired such a prominent position in the 2021 Global Outsourcing 100”, said Mr. Ahmed Refky, CEO of RAYA Contact Center, commenting on the announcement. “The fact of gaining this acknowledgment by IAOP is a testament to the dedication of our team and its ability to innovate and enhance customer-centricity”.

Through a new concept of the industry, RAYA Contact Center provides outsourcing services, offering call center and back-office services, internal sales channel management, and professional services while meeting the needs of customers in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and North America in more than 25 different languages.

Also, by the end of 2020, the company managed to include about 5,500 employers, an increase of nearly 25% from 2019, in order to raise work efficiency and meet the requirement of new projects.

The company operates across different geographies through its 10 facilities, of which 8 are located in Egypt, in addition to a facility in Dubai, UAE, and another in Warsaw, Poland.

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