Outstanding Seat Rental Solutions by RAYA Contact Center

Throughout the past couple of years, Egypt has proved its outsourcing leadership ahead of many competitive countries. Countries like India and the Philippines were considered the first go-to prime locations for finding affordable call center seat leases. Nevertheless, Egypt has attracted big logos in the BPO industry to its prime location for availing of plug-and-play PnP contact center solutions where the outsourcing industry is currently booming.

The many reasons behind this attraction include Egypt’s abundant talent pool, variety of supported languages, collaborative ecosystem, pivotal location, inspiring innovation, and the support of its government to rebuild its resilient infrastructure, and last but not least, its competitive cost.

In the same vein, BPO companies in Egypt keeping up with being a major hub of business and technology services in digital transformation are now being targeted not only for off-shoring services but also for seat rental solutions. Today, many BPO firms are currently offering call center seat rental solutions along with off-shoring, in various industries.

What are the benefits of seat hosting solutions?

Seat rental solutions’ cost-efficiency enables businesses to focus on their core competencies which makes them rise to the surface. A company that is looking to generate revenue as fast as possible could avail of these seat rental solutions and get its business going without minding complicated legal issues. In other words, they are ideal for call centers and BPO companies since PnP centers are still significantly cheaper than hiring in-office teams.

RAYA Contact Center expands its capabilities with contact center seat leasing solutions in Cairo

To cope with the worldwide business growth, and in particular the Egyptian one, RAYA Contact Center is extending its capacity in Egypt by opening a new building for providing seat rental solutions in the Smart Village, a high-technology business district in Cairo.

The new 5-story building in Cairo is growing fast and recruiting to fill its 1500 operational seats throughout 2021. The building’s premium location, among many of the most prominent companies domestically and globally, gives RAYA Contact Center a new competitive edge and establishes it as one of the most significant BPO players not just in Egypt, but in the Middle East and GCC region.

The building’s investments have reached 100 million EGP, with a solid infrastructure supported by two generators, 500kva each, two transformers, 1 mega each with 2 separate feeders, 2 fiber lines, a microwave to transmit data, 3 modular UPS (internal redundancy) 120kva each, extendable to 150kva, and 2 main Tier 3 data centers. The building also has a robust BMS, addressable water leakage system, and all critical facilities are monitored 24/7.

From training seats, cafeteria, and break areas, to meeting rooms, clinic, and praying rooms, the building houses various facilities that were designed and built to suit running BPO operations smoothly for employees and clients alike. The main lobby with its waiting area and lounge was designed to accommodate more than 25 visitors, and the recruiting area to accommodate more than 35 candidates. The designing of the vast rooms with ample spaces intends to give the employees as much comfort as possible when at work.

With this addition, RAYA Contact Center intends to increase its reach into Egypt’s qualified competitive labor market, which in turn will leverage its value proposition to the Middle East and GCC region, ensuring the company’s local and global BPO success.

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