How To Stand Out Your MCommerce Business In 2021

Mentioning eCommerce regularly as a well-known term doesn’t take retailers’ or consumers’ by surprise anymore, yet the fascination from using mCommerce as a new term in the industry that has started to establish itself is of a huge impact. With the rise of innovative mobile applications that alter the online shopping experience to be on-the-go and simultaneously smooth, we witness the birth of mCommerce as a business giant morphing the new norm of shopping worldwide.

mCommerce, or Mobile Commerce, refers to the process of buying and selling products and services via wireless handheld devices, like smartphones, and tablets, with the use of the internet. On the other hand, eCommerce, or Electronic Commerce, serves the same purpose but with other electronic devices and systems, such as PCs and laptops.

However, what makes mCommerce stand out is its unlimited reachability. With push notifications, even on-the-go, mCommerce can reach a broader range of users and consumers, increasing conversions and sales.

Thanks to the internet and advanced technology, consumer behavior has changed considerably; they are spending more time online to research products and services of interest. At the rise of digitization, eCommerce was the norm to spread, but now in this multi-device world, mCommerce is gaining more popularity, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. It is needless to say that using mobile for quick purchases is the most convenient process possible, which has urged consumers’ movement from eCommerce to mCommerce.

Why does mCommerce mark the future of online shopping?

Mobile apps technologies help retailers connect with customers and to engage with shoppers in a more personalized way directly. Customer insights gained from mCommerce technology allow retailers to shift their strategies and operations to match shopper interest and behavior, leading to increased customer loyalty, leading to more sales and revenue. When done right, push notifications are a great way to drive consumers to engage with an app regularly. To bridge the gap between a business and its potential customers, utilizing push notifications to deliver offers and promote products and services has never been easier.

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