David Rickard, Partner at Everest Group’s Statement on RAYA CX PEAK Recognition

Insightful Reflections from David Rickard, Partner at Everest Group, as RAYA CX is recognized as a Major Contender and Star Performer in Everest Group’s 2023 #CXM PEAK Matrix® EMEA assessment.

David Rickard, Partner, Everest Group stated, “Raya CX leverages strategic partnerships with leading technological providers and its own proprietary solutions like RCX Connect, RCX Pulse, and RCX ERP to provide end-to-end digital CX services. In the EMEA region, it is known for its proactive problem-solving, pricing structure, operational efficiency, and relational management. In 2022, it has achieved substantial revenue growth by diversifying into new industries, expanding delivery locations, and enhancing digital engagements.”

His words shed light on the strategic approach, achievements and how we stand apart through 5 different key factors:

  • Leveraging Strategic Partnerships: Raya CX has diligently forged alliances with leading technological providers, seamlessly integrating our proprietary solutions—RCX Connect, RCX Pulse, and RCX ERP. This strategic synergy enables us to deliver comprehensive digital CX services.
  • Proactive Problem-Solving: Our commitment to proactive problem-solving is a cornerstone of our operational philosophy. This approach ensures that challenges are met with strategic solutions, fostering a resilient foundation for our clients.
  • Revenue Growth: In 2022, Raya CX achieved noteworthy revenue growth by diversifying into new industries, expanding delivery locations, and refining digital engagements. These strategic initiatives reflect our adaptability and responsiveness to evolving market dynamics.
  • Operational Efficiency: Operational efficiency is the foundation of our strategy. Through streamlined processes and adoption of cutting-edge technologies, we enhance the efficiency of our operations, providing clients with reliable and effective services.
  • Relational Management: Recognized for our relational management, we prioritize building strong partnerships with our clients that bring results.

We appreciate David’s insightful words that stem from Everest Group’s objective analysis of our company. At Raya CX, our focus remains steadfast on strategic evolution and customer-centric practices.

Here’s to continued growth and meaningful impact across the globe!

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