Ahmed Refky Discusses CX Post Pandemic Future at the Voice Tech Summit

Ahmed Refky, CEO at Raya CX had a talk with Ravi Saraogi, Co-founder and President (APAC), Uniphore at the Voice Tech Summit Middle East. The summit focused on convenience and innovation with conversational AI. In their talk, they discussed CX market opportunities and plans that have accelerated due to the pandemic.

“We have witnessed 50% growth in e-business for some of our clients. The real opportunity was in stepping up to the plate and expanding on our e-commerce value proposition to be able to accommodate that exponentially growing demand,” said Refky.

He also discussed the action plan developed by Raya CX to improve customer experience post-pandemic, which entailed broadening its digital suite of services and keeping up with the latest technologies to adapt to the change.

Saraogi discussed improving CSATs and NPs by identifying your customer’s age group, which shows their preferred interaction method and the best conversational AI tools to use. When talking about conversational

AI Saraogi said, “The combination of man and machine is here to stay. One cannot just simply rely on machines or cannot just simply rely on human beings to deliver the best of services. It has to be an amalgamation.”

The second edition of the Voice Tech Summit Middle East will take place from the 15-16th of September virtually. It will gather 2000+ industry executives, developers, customer experience professionals, and adopters of voice and chatbot technology from 5 prominent countries in the Middle East market. The summit will reflect the current status and future strategies of speech technology in the Middle East.

To gain more insights, watch the discussion below:

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